There is lot of information on internet and there are books full of theories developed through generations to some how explain all of it. We at IIM Rohtak are a bunch of curious kids gaping at this wide wide world trying to make sense of it. Driven by purpose of making this world a better place, we believe good business gives good life. So we at our MBA program try to raise questions, seek answers and connect dots.

How can businesses deliver value to customers and thus to society at large?

How can businesses remain sustainable and profitable?

What happened during USA’s sub-prime crisis? Why didn’t we see it coming?

What are we doing right in India?What more needs to be done?

What businesses in India need to do to sustain growth?

Where did Tata Motor’s go wrong with Nano?

What should Nokia do to regain its leadership?

Questions such as these and many more guide us to the wisdom we seek. We will put some developed thoughts and ideas, and our picks and readings in The Strategy and Consulting Club’s blog. We would strive to remain

  1. thought provoking,
  2. interesting,
  3. precise, and
  4. rich in multimedia,

a demand pressed upon us by times of information explosion and serious attention deficit.

We aspire to be known for our thoughts and ideas we generate, and request your patronage. Please subscribe to our page by

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