Club’s Thought Leader of the Week Nov2010,W01 – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, a Stanford dropout, co-founder of Apple Inc., better known for his aggressive business strategy and creative thinking is one of the greatest strategist of all time.In his early life Jobs travelled  to India in search of spiritual enlightenment.In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and  Ronald Wayne founded Apple. Steve Wozniak was blessed with a great mind and Jobs knew what was the need of the hour.Jobs is known for his aggressive and demanding personality. Once when employees at Apple were working on Macintosh, he came into the meeting room and dropped his notebook and said “this is how thick Macintosh will be”, no arguments. Jobs keeps close supervision on all the products Apple makes. Apple does not have a lot of products in the market, but whenever Apple announces a product, the quality aspect is taken as granted. Jobs looks at each and every detail of the product, and keeps his employees on their toes. The employees at Apple are devoted to work for him, just because of the charisma he possesses.

Despite the computer storm in early 80’s Jobs made sure that the name of Apple should be distinct. The beautiful fonts that he created, the compactness of Apple 1, the graphical user interface of Macintosh.He created NeXT computer after being dropped out of Apple Inc. NeXT computers were far more technologically advanced than any computer of that era, and it was just because of Jobs that people bought it. Jobs got the best people in the animation industry to create Pixar. Only Steve Jobs had the potential to sell his movie to Disney.It was a great strategic step from Jobs to stop competing with their arch rival Microsoft. Apple accepted defeat at that time and the world was shocked. After rejoining Apple Inc. in 1997, he handpicked the products with which Apple will continue. In four years from then he created one of the fastest selling gadgets of all time, iPod. There were a lot of music players in the market at that time. But Apple stole the show despite being the costliest of them all. In 2007 Apple decided to enter the mobile phone market, and it literally changed the way mobile handsets are made. Same goes w i t h OSX, the world (Microsoft, Ubuntu, Fedora etc) are now trying to create what Apple had created long back. Steve Jobs is very particular about design and simplicity. There is hardly any redundant button on iPod nano , MacBooks or iPhone. Every now and then Apple Inc. stuns the world with a new product. Apple has established itself as a luxury brand. Some phones made by Nokia, Motorola or Samsung cost more than iPhone, have more features than iPhone, are better looking, but still people go for iPhone. Microsoft has Zune, Philips has Go-Gear, Sony has Walkman, but the show stealer is definitely iPod. Each year people wait for MacWorld Conference, to see what’s new, and till date Jobs has never disappointed the world. He delivers something new, some thing unique, something the world didn’t anticipate, something nobody can anticipate. Apple is leading the show, it’s the hottest brand. In less than 15 years Steve Jobs has recreated Apple, a far bigger Apple.

Authored by Sumit Singh, PGP01042


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